Since its inception in the UAE, BoxMax Prefab House LLC has been successfully carving out a niche as a modern and advanced modular building manufacturer and supplier. The company has a forward-looking approach to remotely execute any modular building project regardless the size or complexity.

On the basis of its ability in successfully executing and delivering large and complex offsite projects which involve high-level of technical expertise and advanced engineering necessaries, the company has, despite the growing market competition, earned a solid reputation across the GCC region. The mark company has made is easily noticeable in wide-ranging sectors like: Oil & Gas, Construction & Infrastructure Development, Power & Energy, Water & Irrigation, Leisure & Tourism apart from Event & Entertainment; just to name a few.

We all know and agree that the demand for modular buildings is on the rise – locally as well as internationally. BoxMax Prefab House LLC, as a strong subsidiary of the-art engineering resources apart from an easily accessible manufacturing facility in Umm Al Quwain, UAE which is fit-for-purpose to effectively provide the end-to-end turnkey solutions whether the House and storage requirements are of temporary, semi-permanent or permanent nature.

As a business entity, the company invests in employees to uplift their social and cultural awareness yielding positive business results.